Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction or alcoholism occurs when a person wants to drink alcohol regardless of unforeseen consequences. Addiction is different from dependence: dependence is a physiological process, and addiction is psychological. Although they can happen individually, they usually happen at the same time.

Psychological Signs of alcoholism abuse

The psychological signs of alcohol abuse emerge once the substance interferes with usual brain functioning. the foremost common emotional signs of alcohol abuse include:

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Rapid mood change
Increased irritability, aggression and anger
Memory, concentration, and attention problems
New or increasing anxiety states
Inability to perform duties
Hallucinations or delusions may occur, especially During abstinence

Socially, a person with alcohol addiction is likely to be very inconsistent. One day he might be happy and open-minded. The next day, you may feel depressed, angry, and hostile. Unpredictable social interactions are a strong indicator of substance use disorders.

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