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Drug addiction, alcoholism and mental disorders wreak havoc not only on the individual, but also on the family and, ultimately, in society. Every statistic and case represents a human tragedy: a wasteless young man, a destroyed family, lives lost. Drug abuse is a crisis that must be confronted and resolved by individuals and families, communities and society at large.


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PsyCare is the best psychiatric and drug rehabilitation center in Lahore, working with Pakistan's best experts to provide people with the arsenal to fight addiction and their families with coping mechanisms.

At PsyCare we believe addiction is a chronic disease – not a personal failure. We help people to defeat the disease and move forward in life. We believe in more opportunities than just one.

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Drugs continue to arrive in the country from numerous sources despite the efforts of law enforcement agencies. Today; drug trafficking has become a multibillion-dollar industry and the profitability of trade comes from naive victims who unknowingly fall prey to it.

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Hundreds of millions of lives around the world are being affected by addiction and psychiatric illnesses, with many losing the battle before their time. Addictions and other problems lead to disruption and chaos not only in the lives of individuals but also in society. Addiction itself can lead to other mental illnesses that, if not treated properly or in time, can lead to a number of heartless results.


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